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Our Commitment to You

Throughout the years and decades that we work together, it could be difficult to find another investment advisor who'll care more about you and your family, or who'll be more deeply committed to the realization of your financial goals.

We will invest your capital as carefully as I do my own, because I know that your hopes for your family's future are every bit as sacred to you as mine are to me.

 I commit to tell you the plain, unvarnished truth all the time, especially when you may not want to hear it.  When you ask me a question the answer to which I don't know, I will say, "I don't know" and then get you the answer.

 Finally, I will never tell you I can do something I can't, nor will I intentionally tell you I am going to do something, and then not do it.  However, if this should ever happen (as I am still human) I will admit my error and correct my action.

You may encounter a financial advisor "smarter" than I am, yet you may not find an advisor you can trust more implicitly than you can trust me.

As we work together, in a spirit of mutual trust, I believe there's nothing within reason that we can't accomplish.  And perhaps the most important thing is:  you'll never have to worry about our commitment to you.

I want you to be my client for life.